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The end of this school year has brought both bitter and sweet tidings. The knowledge that I am soon to be entering my final year of high school is scary but exciting. I could write about that for hours, but I’ll spare you the tedium. Instead, I’ll share something happy– something that made the end of my junior year that much sweeter.

As someone who’s been writing since elementary school and who is starting to take her craft seriously, I’ve begun to submit my work to various literary journals that I’ve heard about over the Internet. Granted, as a teenager competing against exponentially more practiced adults, I haven’t been accepted into any of them, but my school also offers a literary journal, that is issued once at the end of the school year, and is edited and compiled by the students of the Creative Writing class.

It’s a good project, but the amount of submissions were low for a number of reasons. First off, our school is painfully, painfully small. In fact, last year’s graduating class had a whopping total of six students. Also, very few students actually write for pleasure. On top of that, most of my friends who write were unable to submit for various reasons– one of them being the unforgiving limit of 1,000 words.

So therefore, it really wasn’t that great an achievement, but I was published twice this year, in both the poetry and prose sections! Silly as it may seem, I’m proud of my microscopic victory.

The poem was nothing spectacular– just an ode that was required for my Literature class. It was pretty cheesy, but my teacher loved it enough to give me full credit, tear up while reading it aloud in class, and to send it in to the journal, where it won first in its category.

I put quite a bit more effort into the short story– in fact, I drafted it seven or eight times before I submitted it (although you might not be able to tell from reading it). It’s entitled “Melting into Spring,” and its about the protagonist’s daily struggle with depression. The basic premise is that sometimes the willingness to find joy in the things others take for granted is a huge step towards recovery. It has its high points, including a nice seasonal allegory, but I’m not sure that I ever want its current incarnation to see the light of day again. However, I am re-drafting it soon, so maybe when it’s done, I’ll post it here, to see what the blog-reading community thinks of it…

Take care, readers, and good luck with all your literary ventures!

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To Start Things Off On The Right Foot

 Hello and welcome, to my umpteenth attempt at regularly posting on a blog! I am Jessie, a wannabe writer, over-ambitious high school drama student, and geek in general.

I’ve tried to keep up a blog several times, and it hasn’t really worked all that well, partly due to my own laziness and partly due to the fact that I’m a bit discontent with the Blogger platform. It’s the only blogging platform I’ve ever used, and it’s rather barebones. There are ways to add extra features, but they require more technological savvy than I possess.

Well, to make a long story short, many reasons of this kind have made me decide to try a WordPress blog for a time. I’ll probably put up two or three posts as a trial of sorts, and if I decide to stay with this blog, I’ll announce it on my Blogspot and post a link. (I don’t think I have any devoted readers or anything, but I’m just covering my bases.)

Anyway, my first official post should follow shortly! Thank you for reading!

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